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Kumar, Jeevan (author)
The emergence of the Data Marketplaces is the latest iteration in the phenomenon of data-driven transformation of the world. Data marketplaces have emerged as a new form of data-driven business models which enable trading of data between the data owners/providers and data consumers by providing the necessary technological and non-technological...
master thesis 2019
Yoon, J. (author), Pohlmeyer, A.E. (author), Desmet, P.M.A. (author)
This paper addresses how design activities can be supported to evoke nuanced positive emotions through a design case. The topic of nuances of positive emotions and values of differentiating positive emotions in a design process are discussed. The case follows appraisal approach, which implicates that the way people appraise an event determines...
conference paper 2014
Bunse, C. (author), Gross, H.G. (author), Peper, C. (author)
Preprint of paper published in: Models in Software Engineering, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5421, 2009; doi:10.1007/978-3-642-01648-6_8 Model-driven development has become an important engineering paradigm. It is said to have many advantages over traditional approaches, such as reuse or quality improvement, also for embedded systems. Along...
lecture notes 2008