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Sebastian, A.G. (author), Lendering, K.T. (author), Kothuis, B.L.M. (author), Brand, A.D. (author), Jonkman, S.N. (author), van Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. (author), Godfroij, Maartje (author), Kolen, B. (author), Comes, M. (author), Lhermitte, S.L.M. (author), Meesters, K.J.M.G. (author), van de Walle, B.A. (author), Ebrahimi Fard, A. (author), Cunningham, S. (author), Khakzad, N. (author), Nespeca, V. (author)
On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of approximately 200 km/hour. Harvey caused severe damages in coastal Texas due to extreme winds and storm surge, but will go down in history for record-setting rainfall totals and flood-related damages. Across large...
report 2017
Jonkman, S.N. (author), Hiel, L.A. (author), Bea, R.G. (author), Foster, H. (author), Tsioulou, A. (author), Arroyo, P. (author), Stallard, T. (author), Harris, L. (author)
This article assesses the risk to life for the Natomas Basin, a low-lying, rapidly urbanizing region in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in California. Using an empirical method, the loss of life is determined for a flood (high water), seismic, and sunny-day levee breach scenario. The analysis indicated that more than 1000 fatalities may occur...
journal article 2012
Asselman, N.E.M. (author), Jonkman, S.N. (author)
report 2003