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Ferrari, S. (author), Badas, M.G. (author), Besalduch, L.A. (author), Querzoli, G. (author)
We present a novel algorithm, namely Feature Tracking Velocimetry (FTV), which is less sensitive to the appearance and disappearance of particles and to high velocity gradients than classical Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The basic idea of FTV is to compare windows only where the motion detection may be successful, that is where there are...
conference paper 2013
Akman, O. (author)
The field of Computer Vision is concerned with problems that involve interfacing computers with their surrounding environment through cameras. Consequently artificial vision systems can replace human perception in many tasks. Recent advances in technology, such as increase in computational power, good quality low cost CMOS cameras, improvement...
doctoral thesis 2012
Phull, R. (author)
High speed feature point detection and tracking is very demanding for many realtime computer vision applications. In existing work, the commonly used feature point detection algorithms like Harris and KLT (Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi) and feature tracking algorithm (Pyramidal-KLT) were redesigned to increase the performance by reducing the algorithmic...
master thesis 2010