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Sewnarain, Winay (author), Rijkeboer, Mats (author)
At virtually every public venue, announcements for visitors are made via a public addressing system. It is important that announcements transmitted by means of a public addressing system are not only audible, but also well understood by the general public. This thesis covers one of three subsystems required to make<br/>a product that is capable...
bachelor thesis 2019
Sachos, Kostas (author)
Human interaction with a smart speaker involves often distant automatic speech recognition (ASR). However, ASR is a rather cumbersome task at significantly high levels of noise. Most of commercial smart speakers in order to achieve high ASR accuracy they tend to reduce the playback signal once the preset keyword is detected. In an effort to...
master thesis 2018
Arya Senna Abdul Rachman, Arya (author)
The recent advancement of the autonomous vehicle has raised the need for reliable environmental perception. This is evident, as an autonomous vehicle has to perceive and interpret its local environment in order to execute reactive and predictive control action. Object Tracking is an integral part of vehicle perception, as it enables the vehicle...
master thesis 2017