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Admiraal, M. (author), Couasnon, A. (author), Huijzenveld, T. (author), Hutten, R. (author), Schölvinck, O. (author), Van Veen, N. (author)
In Nicaragua, active research for arsenic started in 1996, after the first case of arsenic poisoning was reported in a rural community. Arsenic concentrations present in drinking water cause chronic poisoning, which depending on the exposure, lead to several life-threatening long term effects. It is however unknown to what extent this...
student report 2015
Schoonenberg Kegel, F. (author)
Aeration and rapid sand filtration are common practice for the treatment of iron, manganese and ammonium containing ground water for more than a century. Nevertheless, this process has not become obsolete. On the contrary, this thesis assumes that enhanced rapid sand filters remain standard treatment technology in the 21st-century. Iron can be...
master thesis 2015
Salmin, A. (author)
In Suriname groundwater is mostly used for drinking water production. Depending on the ground layers from which groundwater is extracted, groundwater is characterized as aggressive water. The disadvantage of aggressive water is its ability to cause corrosion of metal pipelines and cement bound materials. In drinking water practice this water...
master thesis 2008