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Straathof, R. (author), Meijaard, J.P. (author), Perez, S.M. (author), Kolkman-Deurloo, Inger Karine K. (author), Nout, Remi A. (author), Heijmen, Ben J.M. (author), Wauben, L.S.G.L. (author), Dankelman, J. (author), van de Berg, N.J. (author)
Background: The steep radiation dose gradients in cervical cancer brachytherapy (BT) necessitate a thorough understanding of the behavior of afterloader source cables or needles in the curved channels of (patient-tailored) applicators. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to develop and validate computer models to simulate: (1) BT source...
journal article 2024