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Geleijnse, G. (author), Veder, L. L. (author), Hakkesteegt, M. M. (author), de Gier, H. H.W. (author), Rieger, B. (author), Metselaar, R. M. (author)
Objectives: Digital endoscopes are connected to a video processor that applies various operations to process the image. One of those operations is edge enhancement that sharpens the image. The purpose of this study was to (1) quantify the level of edge enhancement, (2) measure the effect on sharpness and image noise, and (3) study the...
journal article 2023
Verheijen, Daan (author)
When inserting a flexible endoscope into a human colon during colonoscopy, limitations in the endoscope design can cause medical implications such as excessive colon stretching and buckling of the endoscope shaft. This thesis proposes a novel propulsion mechanism design for flexible endoscopes which changes the method of insertion as a way to...
master thesis 2021
Brouwer, I.N. (author)
Sealing constructions are frequently used in reusable instruments to prevent the loss of fluids or gasses in a construction by obstructing flow through the glands in the interface of two or more separate parts, and may be applied to seal patients' body fluids. Patient material contains various types of microorganisms, and with the increase of...
master thesis 2017