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Kreeft (student), Davey (author), Arkenbout, E.A. (author), Henselmans, P.W.J. (author), Van Furth, Wouter R. (author), Breedveld, P. (author)
A clear visualization of the operative field is of critical importance in endoscopic surgery. During surgery the endoscope lens can get fouled by body fluids (eg, blood), ground substance, rinsing fluid, bone dust, or smoke plumes, resulting in visual impairment. As a result, surgeons spend part of the procedure on intermittent cleaning of...
review 2017
Loeve, A.J. (author)
Flexible endoscopes (long, slender, flexible instruments with a camera and light at the distal end, having working channels to introduce flexible instruments) are used for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions inside the human digestive system and inside the abdomen. Though used for their flexibility, the flexibility of these instruments...
doctoral thesis 2012