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Yerram, Vaishnavi (author)
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ’s 2021 report, the recent sea level rate has nearly tripled in the last few decades compared with 1901-1971. It estimates that the sea levels may rise by 20 cm in the next thirty years or up to 80 cm by the end of 2100. The increase in sea levels poses serious questions and...
master thesis 2022
Benoy, Reji (author)
This thesis aims to provide passive design recommendations to improve the design quality of low income houses in the Philippines, by evaluating the indoor environmental quality of the pilot floating house project. The pilot project is the result of researches carried out by Pieter Ham and Joran Van Schaik to find a solution for the housing...
master thesis 2020
Frijns, Ruben (author), Kool, Thijs (author), Ramsey, Ashley (author), Rasmioen, nathaniel (author), Sonneveld, Michelle (author), van den Berg, Mario (author)
All around the world floods are a growing problem. Dealing with high water levels in residential areas is of great importance. The delta area of Macabebe, in the Manila Bay, has to cope with daily flooding, caused by the river and the sea. Groundwater is pumped and used for local industry, causing land subsidence and worsening the problems....
student report 2018