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Laan, Stendert (author)
Schiermonnikoog is a Dutch barrier island with wide beaches and dunes which are both of importance for recreation as for safety. However, after decades of coastal accretion, in the last years, a strong coastline retreat is observed at the island head in the northwest. In tidal inlets, various forcing conditions of tides, waves, winds and...
master thesis 2019
Winkelhorst, J. (author)
Due to climate change, it is expected that the design river discharge of the Rhine will increase from 16000 m3/s in 2015 to 18000 m3/s in 2100. In order to make the Dutch water system climate proof, dikes must be reinforced and raised and/or the design water level must be lowered. In this study, a flood channel as a measure to decrease water...
master thesis 2013
Kerckhoven, J.D.M. (author)
The morphological behaviour of estuaries is complex and at present (1995) not well understood. Ebb and flood channels play an important role in the morphological behaviour of an estuary. In order to get more insight in the morphological behaviour of such systems it is studied whether a 1-D morphodynamic network model gives insight in this...
master thesis 1995