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Sun, Z. (author), Schrijer, F.F.J. (author), Scarano, F. (author), Van Oudheusden, B.W. (author)
The three-dimensional instantaneous flow organization in the near wake of a micro-ramp interacting with a Mach 2.0 supersonic turbulent boundary layer is studied using tomographic particle image velocimetry. The mean flow reveals a wake with approximately circular cross section dominated by a pair of counter-rotating streamwise vortices...
journal article 2012
Humble, R.A. (author), Scarano, F. (author), Van Oudheusden, B.W. (author)
The unsteady flow features of a series of two-dimensional, planar base flows are examined, within a range of low-supersonic Mach numbers in order to gain a better understanding of the effects of compressibility on the organized global dynamics. Particle image velocimetry is used as the primary diagnostic tool in order to characterize the...
journal article 2007