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Shin, H. H. (author), Portela, L. (author), Schaerer, C. E. (author), Mangiavacchi, N. (author)
The dynamics of suspended sediment transport in horizontal open channel flow is analysed using point-particle one-way coupling Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS), with a virtual wall as a simple particle resuspension model. In sediment transport, the bed-load is dominated by the inter-particle interactions, but the suspended sediments are...
journal article 2022
van Hout, R.L.H. (author), Eisma, H.E. (author), Elsinga, G.E. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
In many applications, finite-sized particles are immersed in a turbulent boundary layer (TBL) and it is of interest to study wall effects on the instantaneous shedding of turbulence structures and associated mean velocity and Reynolds stress distributions. Here, 3D flow field dynamics in the wake of a prototypical, small sphere (D+=50, 692&lt...
journal article 2018
Keetels, G.H. (author), Goeree, J.C. (author), van Rhee, C. (author)
Sediment profiles in open channels are usually predicted by advection-diffusion models. Most basic forms consider the terminal settling velocity of a single particle in still clear water. Alternative forms account for hindered settling at higher concentrations. It is not known, however, how these modifications relate to mass and momentum...
journal article 2017