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Gijón Mancheño, A. (author), Herman, P.M.J. (author), Jonkman, Sebastiaan N. (author), Kazi, Swarna (author), Urrutia, Ignacio (author), van Ledden, Mathijs (author)
Mangroves protect coastal areas against hazards like storms or cyclones by attenuating waves and currents, and by trapping floating debris during extreme events. Bangladesh is a very vulnerable country to floods and cyclones, and part of its coastal system is thus being upgraded to a higher safety standard. These upgrades include embankment...
journal article 2021
Ebbens, R.E. (author)
This thesis is about the stability of toe material for rubble mound breakwaters in depth limited conditions. The present equation, Van der Meer 1998, gives results for depth limited conditions but is not validated. The empirical equation is based on physical model tests done by Gerding 1993. The Van der Meer equation implies deep water and...
master thesis 2009