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Holzheu, Stefanie (author), Lee, S. (author)
With the work-in-progress research project ColorTracker we explore color as a formal design tool. This project-based paper describes a novel software application that processes color composition of a place and transcribes the data into three-dimensional geometries for architectural design. The research comprises two parallel trajectories: a...
conference paper 2016
Mirtsopoulos, I. (author)
Ever since the idea of truss structures was conceived and later were expanded into three dimensional structures forming space frames, jointing has been a challenge. The evolution of jointing systems includes three main methods: connection with a node, connection with a prefabricated unit and connection without a node (e.g. welding). Delving more...
master thesis 2015
Kucukoglu, J.G. (author), Colakoglu, B. (author)
In architecture use of generative computation suggests a possibility of rethinking the form finding process. In order to generate form, one method could be predefining first the production technique and constraining the form by the rules of it. In this study crochet-knitting technique is chosen as a production technique. To explore various forms...
conference paper 2013