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Yu, W. (author)
Blade Element Momentum (BEM) is the most important aerodynamic analysis method for wind turbines. BEM is derived assuming stationary conditions, which limits its ability to model the unsteady aerodynamic effects. This becomes increasingly relevant for the flexible blades of current large-scale turbines, and the employment of passive and active...
doctoral thesis 2018
Yu, W. (author), Ferreira, Carlos (author), van Kuik, G.A.M. (author), Baldacchino, D. (author)
Although the Blade Element Momentum method has been derived for the steady conditions, it is used for unsteady conditions by using corrections of engineering dynamic inflow models. Its applicability in these cases is not yet fully verified. In this paper, the validity of the assumptions of quasi-steady state and annuli independence of the blade...
journal article 2016