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Duinmeijer, S.P.A. (author), Clemens, F.H.L.R. (author)
Experiments are conducted in a Ø600 mm tank to analyse the 3D motion of buoyant particles in the free-surface vortex flow. The experiments revealed two stages in the particle motion: stage 1 is the helical motion along the vortex air core and stage 2 is the axial motion inside the vortex core. The stage 1 motion is sensitive to the particle’s...
journal article 2021
Duinmeijer, S.P.A. (author)
This is an experimental and theoretical research on the motion of buoyant particles in the flow of a free-surface vortex at moderate to high particle Reynolds numbers.
doctoral thesis 2020
Clemens, F.H.L.R. (author), Duinmeijer, S.P.A. (author)
Sumps of wastewater pumping station can experience problems due the formation of (solid) floating layers of fat and scum as a result of insufficient current guidelines for sump design with respect to transport of floating debris. To complimentary the guidelines, the use of free-surface vortices is defined as a potential transport mechanism for...
conference paper 2016