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Alves Beirigo, B. (author)
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have been heralded as the key to unlock a shared mobility future where transportation is more efficient, convenient, and cheaper. However, the AV utopia can only come to fruition if the majority of users trust that autonomous mobility-on-demand (AMoD) systems are on a par with owning a vehicle in terms of service...
doctoral thesis 2021
Alves Beirigo, B. (author), Schulte, F. (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author)
In the realm of human urban transportation, many recent studies have shown that comparatively smaller fleets of shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) are able to provide efficient door-to-door transportation services for city dwellers. However, because of the steady growth of e-commerce and same-day delivery services, new city logistics...
journal article 2018