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Çelik, F.T. (author), Aslan, Y. (author)
In this study, the thermal management problem of the modern communication systems with small array sizes is addressed. A novel dual-functional active antenna design strategy is introduced for adjustable frequency of operation and cooling extension at millimeter-wave bands. The concept is based on placing different types of heatsinks on the same...
conference paper 2023
Haider, S.N. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Roederer, A.G. (author)
A frequency reconfigurable phased array element is presented. The operational band of the single port L/S-band antenna can be selected by modifying the element apertures with p-I-n diode switches. The antenna element satisfies strict requirements on its frequency band separation (2.2:1), size, feeding structure and control lines to be...
journal article 2017
Haider, S.N. (author)
Sensors such as phased array radars play a crucial role in public safety. They are unavoidable for surveillance, threat identification and post-disaster management. However, different scenarios impose immensely diverse requirements for these systems. Phased array systems occupy a large space. In addition, if different antenna systems are needed...
doctoral thesis 2015