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Prasse, B. (author)
The field of epidemiology encompasses a broad class of spreading phenomena, ranging from the seasonal influenza and the dissemination of fake news on online social media to the spread of neural activity over a synaptic network. The propagation of viruses, fake news and neural activity relies on the contact between individuals, social media...
doctoral thesis 2021
Märtens, M. (author)
This thesis is a contribution to a deeper understanding of how information propagates and what this process entails. At its very core is the concept of the network: a collection of nodes and links, which describes the structure of the systems under investigation. The network is a mathematical model which allows to focus on a very fundamental...
doctoral thesis 2018
Meier, J.M. (author)
Over the last two decades the field of network science has been evolving fast. Many useful applications in a wide variety of disciplines have been found. The application of network science to the brain initiated the interdisciplinary field of complex brain networks. On a macroscopic level, brain regions are taken as nodes in a network. The...
doctoral thesis 2017