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Shastry, Bhargava (author), Leutner, Markus (author), Fiebig, T. (author), Thummaraju, Kashyap (author), Yamaguchi, Fabian (author), Rieck, Konrad (author), Schmid, Stefan (author), Seifert, Jean-Pierre (author), Feldmann, Anja (author)
conference paper 2017
Klaver, T.P.C. (author), Nordlund, K. (author), Morgan, T. W. (author), Westerhof, E (author), Thijsse, B.J. (author), Van De Sanden, M. C M (author)
Results are presented of large-scale Molecular Dynamics simulations of low-energy He bombardment of W nanorods, or so-called 'fuzz' structures. The goal of these simulations is to see if ballistic He penetration through W fuzz offers a more realistic scenario for how He moves through fuzz layers than He diffusion through fuzz nanorods....
journal article 2016