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Quaeghebeur, Erik (author), Wesseling, C. (author), Beauxis-Aussalet, E. (author), Piovesan, T. (author), Sterkenburg, T. (author)
We present an interface for eliciting sets of acceptable gambles on a three-outcome possibility space, discuss an experiment conducted for testing this interface, and present the results of this experiment. Sets of acceptable gambles form a representation for imprecise probabilities that is close to human behavior and eliciting them directly may...
journal article 2017
Mahaffey, Y.G. (author)
Models assets as gambles. Develops objective measure for riskiness. Provides full mathematical proofs
bachelor thesis 2012
Kramer, J.G.C. (author)
This project is executed for the Procter & Gamble Company. P&G sees huge potentials in the developing market of India. The detergent market is one of these big potentials; the Indian detergent consumption per capita is very low compared to other countries. Most washing nowadays is done by hand due to cultural and infrastructural reasons. Hand...
master thesis 2009