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Seravalli, E. (author)
The main aim of radiotherapy techniques is to deliver the dose to the target volume while sparing as much as possible the healthy tissue. Dose verifications prior the treatment of the patient are mandatory in order to guarantee high accuracy to the treatment. We have developed a 2D dose imaging system for dose delivery verification in hadron...
doctoral thesis 2008
Van Vuure, T.L. (author)
Future high luminosity spallation neutron sources put strenuous demands on detector performance. This research has focused on applying the Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) to meet most criteria, most notably mm spatial resolution, 1 MHz local countrate (per pixel) and 70% efficiency for 0.18 nm neutrons. The choice for this detector type was made...
doctoral thesis 2004
van den Berg, F.D. (author)
doctoral thesis 2000