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Mahfouz, A.M.E.T.A. (author), Huisman, S.M.H. (author), Lelieveldt, B.P.F. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author)
The immense complexity of the mammalian brain is largely reflected in the underlying molecular signatures of its billions of cells. Brain transcriptome atlases provide valuable insights into gene expression patterns across different brain areas throughout the course of development. Such atlases allow researchers to probe the molecular mechanisms...
journal article 2017
Mahfouz, A.M.E.T.A. (author), Van de Giessen, M. (author), Van der Maaten, L.J.P. (author), Huisman, S.M.H. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author), Hawrylycz, M.J. (author), Lelieveldt, B.P.F. (author)
The Allen Brain Atlases enable the study of spatially resolved, genome-wide gene expression patterns across the mammalian brain. Several explorative studies have applied linear dimensionality reduction methods such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and classical Multi-Dimensional Scaling (cMDS) to gain insight into the spatial organization...
journal article 2014