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Eising, Else (author), Shyti, Reinald (author), 't Hoen, P.A.C. (author), Vijfhuizen, L.S. (author), Huisman, S.M.H. (author), Broos, Ludo A. M. (author), Mahfouz, A.M.E.T.A. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author), Ferrari, M.D. (author), Tolner, Else A. (author), de Vries, Boukje (author), van den Maagdenberg, Arn M.J.M. (author)
Familial hemiplegic migraine type 1 (FHM1) is a rare monogenic subtype of migraine with aura caused by mutations in CACNA1A that encodes the α1A subunit of voltage-gated CaV2.1 calcium channels. Transgenic knock-in mice that carry the human FHM1 R192Q missense mutation (‘FHM1 R192Q mice’) exhibit an increased susceptibility to cortical spreading...
journal article 2017