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Sontrop, H.M.J. (author)
Microarrays offer biologists an exciting tool that allows the simultaneous assessment of gene expression levels for thousands of genes at once. At the time of their inception, microarrays were hailed as the new dawn in cancer biology and oncology practice with the hope that within a decade diseases like breast cancer would be solved. Various...
doctoral thesis 2015
Van Berlo, R.J.P. (author)
Bioinformatics concerns itself with developing data-driven tools for extracting biological information from high-throughput datasets (e.g. gene expression data, protein interaction data). Until recently, most of these tools focus on analyzing a single source of data. However, all high-throughput measurements are noisy and incomplete. Therefore,...
doctoral thesis 2010
Knijnenburg, T.A. (author)
Exactly how an organism adapts its transcriptional program in response to intra- and extracellular signals remains elusive. Development of computational approaches that use the large amounts of diverse intracellular data to unravel the cell's transcriptional program is one of today's main challenges in bioinformatics research. This thesis...
doctoral thesis 2009