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Ouillon, S. (author), Dibb, S. (author), Peck, David (author)
One of the points of agreement emerging from international environmental policy debates is that people’s choices, behaviors and lifestyles will play a vital role in achieving sustainable development (Biwei, 2012; Fleischmann, 2016). There is strong evidence of the importance of a working Circular Economy (CE) to address sustainability challenges...
conference paper 2017
Trung, L.H. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author), Van der Meer, J.W. (author)
The Simulator was applied to test the resistance against wave overtopping of grass covered dike slopes in Viet Nam. Observation and measurement during destructive tests were performed to investigate the development process of damage induced by overtopping flow. Damages were likely to be initiated at transition of either geometry or materials, at...
conference paper 2011