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Hermidas, N. (author)
Submarine gravity flows constitute the last link in the source-to-sink sediment transport chain. They are the main mechanism for the transportation of sediment from the shallower to the deeper parts of the ocean. Due to their great volume, mobility, and power, they pose a formidable threat to the offshore infrastructures, and can generate...
doctoral thesis 2019
Flores, Raúl P. (author), Rijnsburger, S. (author), Meirelles Nunes da Rocha, Saulo (author), Horner-Devine, Alexander R. (author), Souza, Alejandro J. (author), Pietrzak, J.D. (author), Henriquez, M. (author), Reniers, A.J.H.M. (author)
Wave-supported gravity flows (WSGFs) generate rates of sediment flux far exceeding other cross-shelf transport processes, contributing disproportionately to shelf morphology and net cross-shelf fluxes of sediment in many regions worldwide. However, the conditions deemed necessary for the formation of WSGF limit them to a narrow set of shelf...
journal article 2018
Reijmer, J.J.G. (author), Palmieri, P. (author), Groen, R. (author)
compositional variation of Pleistocene carbonate gravity deposits from the Exuma Sound Basin, Bahamas, was determined. Two types of gravity deposit were present in the cores of ODP Leg 101, Site 632A, i.e., calciturbidites and calcidebrites. In analogy with earlier studies, the compositional variations in the calciturbidites could be linked to...
journal article 2012