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Fucarev, Silviu (author)
Clustering data is a classic topic in the academic community and in the industry. It is by and large one of the most popular unsupervised classification techniques. It is fast and flexible as it can accommodate all kinds of data when a suitable similarity metric is found. SeqClu is an online k-medoids prototype based clustering algorithm...
bachelor thesis 2021
Tilli, Federico (author)
Wind turbine placement in a wind farm can be optimized to limit power losses due to wakes and improve the economic value of the plant. Seeing as wind farms are increasing in number and size, fast methods to generate good quality layouts can be beneficial for designers. Wind Farm Layout Optimization (WFLO) consists in finding a layout that...
master thesis 2019
Bellan, Daniele (author)
Machine learning techniques aim to train a model in such a way that it can approximate complex dynamics like the vehicle routing problem. In the recent years, combinatorial neural networks and deep learning methods have been used to predict the solution of routing problems. However, the approaches investigated so far in literature could be...
master thesis 2018