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Wu, K. (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author), Rezaei, J. (author), Tavasszy, Lorant (author)
Consumer goods supply chains are intensifying their efforts to develop and offer green products, in order to seize new business opportunities and improve profitability. A specific type of green products concerns marginal and development cost-intensive green products (MDIGPs), like electric vehicles. As greening these products affects both...
journal article 2023
Prasanth, V. (author), Scheele, Natalia (author), Visser, Erwin (author), Shekhar, A. (author), Chandra Mouli, G.R. (author), Bauer, P. (author), Silvester, S. (author)
This paper deals with a green energy highway in the Netherlands. Here, the development of electric mobility and self-driving cars is introduced. The ideas of wireless power integration with green energy technologies - solar and wind is considered. In case of wind energy, conventional turbines and bladeless vortex are considered as options....
conference paper 2016
Boks, C. (author), Wever, R. (author)
Design for Sustainability has traditionally focused strongly on green fulfilment of a given function, i.e. the process after a design brief has been formulated. The part of the New Product Development process that comes before the formulation of the design brief, is usually referred to as the Fuzzy Front End. Here, the function is determined...
conference paper 2007