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van Rijswijk, Tom (author)
Alkali activated concrete is seen as possible contender to alleviate the environmental footprint of the concrete industry. The goal of this research is to evaluate the extend to which ground granulated blast furnace slag and calcined clay-based alkali activated concrete can be utilized in concrete revetment applications with equal performance in...
master thesis 2022
Andrade, Carmen (author), De Belie, Nele (author), Ducman, Vilma (author), Frederickx, Lander (author), Lothenbach, Barbara (author), Medina Martinez, C├ęsar (author), Vollpracht, Anya (author), Wu, B. (author), Gruyaert, Elke (author)
Many (inter)national standards exist to evaluate the resistance of mortar and concrete to carbonation. When a carbonation coefficient is used for performance comparison of mixtures or service life prediction, the applied boundary conditions during curing, preconditioning and carbonation play a crucial role, specifically when using latent...
journal article 2022
Ahmad, B. (author), Copuroglu, O. (author)
conference paper 2011