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Mohamed, Ahmed (author), Faye, Cheikh (author), Othman, Abdullah (author), Abdelrady, Ahmed (author)
The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite data retrieval experiment has been instrumental in characterizing the global fluctuations in terrestrial water storage (ΔTWS) over the past 20 years. Given the limited availability of hydrological data, GRACE measurements are frequently combined with other climatic models,...
journal article 2022
Post, E.A.P. (author), Von Asmuth, J.R. (author)
The hydraulic head is one of the most important metrics in hydrogeology as it underlies the interpretation of groundwater flow, the quantification of aquifer properties and the calibration of flow models. Heads are determined based on water-level measurements in wells and piezometers. Despite the importance of hydraulic head data, standard...
journal article 2013
Yenigül, N.B. (author)
Landfills represent a wide-spread and significant threat to groundwater quality. In this thesis a methodology was developed for the design of optimal groundwater moni-toring system design at landfill sites under conditions of uncertainty. First a decision analysis approach was presented for optimal design of groundwater monitoring sys-tems under...
doctoral thesis 2006