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Fuller, S.B. (author), Helbling, E.F. (author), Chirarattananon, P. (author), Wood, R.J. (author)
Creating an autonomous flying vehicle the size of a honeybee presents a number of technical challenges because of its small scale. As vehicle wingspan diminishes, angular acceleration rates increase, necessitating sensing and control systems with high bandwidth. Hovering demonstrations have so far required feedback from highspeed motion capture...
conference paper 2014
Rajaraman, V. (author), Sabageh, I. (author), French, P. (author), Pansraud, G. (author), Cretu, E. (author)
This work reports the design, modelling, fabrication and preliminary functionality testing of a dual-mass MEMS vibratory gyroscope for application in medical instrumentation, among others. The two-framed gyro has drive and sense mode resonance frequencies of 2500Hz and 2830Hz, with its bandwidth tunable between 40-330Hz. Adopted design and...
journal article 2011
Wicaksono, D.H.B. (author)
New emerging sensing applications demand novel sensors in micro-/nano-scale to enable integration and embedding into higher level structures or systems. Downsizing the structure will usually decrease the sensitivity of the sensors, since the sensitivity is a function of geometrical parameters, e.g. mass in the case of inertial sensing, and...
doctoral thesis 2008