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Çelik, F.T. (author), Aslan, Y. (author)
In this study, the thermal management problem of the modern communication systems with small array sizes is addressed. A novel dual-functional active antenna design strategy is introduced for adjustable frequency of operation and cooling extension at millimeter-wave bands. The concept is based on placing different types of heatsinks on the same...
conference paper 2023
Çelik, F.T. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Aslan, Y. (author)
A novel electromagnetic-thermal codesign and optimization methodology is proposed for thermal management in active finned-heatsink antenna arrays. An innovative complementary split-ring resonator embedded dual-functional (i.e., heat-dissipating electromagnetic-isolation) wall is introduced. For concept demonstration, a two-element unit cell...
journal article 2023
Balasubramanian, Ashwath (author)
The development of fifth-generation (5G) technology is the beginning of a rapid transition in the world of wireless communications. Gbps data rates, minimal latency, and good connectivity are the ultimate aims of 5G. To achieve them, 5G systems employ the mm-Wave frequency band which has a frequency range above 24GHz and so allows for higher...
master thesis 2021