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Foroughi, M. (author)
This PhD thesis explores the evolving field of heritage planning, focusing on the cultural significance of heritage properties. It advocates for a value-based approach that recognizes the diverse perspectives of stakeholders, including experts, policymakers, and users. While participatory heritage aims to foster consensus-building, tensions may...
doctoral thesis 2023
Bai, N. (author), Nourian, Pirouz (author), Luo, Renqian (author), Cheng, Tao (author), Pereira Roders, A. (author)
Mapping cultural significance of heritage properties in urban environment from the perspective of the public has become an increasingly relevant process, as highlighted by the 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL). With the ubiquitous use of social media and the prosperous developments in machine and deep learning,...
journal article 2023
de Andrade, Bruno (author), Pereira Roders, A. (author)
Architectural redesign risks damaging or destroying built heritage, especially when designers are unaware of its cultural significance. This needs to be prevented, as built heritage is a human right, as coined by the 2005 Faro Convention. As a result, architects are now encouraged to conduct values-based redesigns with a broader range of...
book chapter 2022