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van Gemert, J.H.F. (author)
This dissertation describes how to design dielectric pads that can be used to increase image quality in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and how to accelerate image reconstruction times using a preconditioner.<br/><br/>Image quality is limited by the signal to noise ratio of a scan. This ratio is increased for higher static magnetic field strengths...
doctoral thesis 2019
van Gemert, J.H.F. (author), Brink, W.M. (author), Webb, A. (author), Remis, R.F. (author)
Inhomogeneities in the transmit radio frequency magnetic field ( {\text{B}}-{1}^{+} ) reduce the quality of magnetic resonance (MR) images. This quality can be improved by using high-permittivity pads that tailor the {\text{B}}-{1}^{+} fields. The design of an optimal pad is application-specific and not straightforward and would therefore...
journal article 2018