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Blom, D.S. (author)
Fluid-structure interaction simulations are crucial for many engineering problems. For example, the blood flow around new heart valves or the deployment of airbags during a car crash are often modeled with fluidstructure interaction simulations. Also, to design safe parachutes, simulations are carried out to model the unsteady deformations of...
doctoral thesis 2017
Blom, D.S. (author), Bijl, H. (author), Birken, P. (author), Meister, A. (author), Van Zuijlen, A.H. (author)
This contribution compares the efficiency of Rosenbrock time integration schemes with ESDIRK schemes, applicable to unsteady flow and fluid-structure interaction simulations. Compared to non-linear ESDIRK schemes, the linear implicit Rosenbrock-Wanner schemes require subsequent solution of the same linear systems with different right hand sides....
conference paper 2013
van Zuijlen, A.H. (author)
The simulation of fluid-structure interaction can be a very time-consuming task due to the large amount of time steps that need to be taken in order to obtain an accurate solution. To reduce computing times a higher order time integration algorithm is applied. Based on a mixed combination of implicit and explicit multistage Runge-Kutta schemes,...
doctoral thesis 2006