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Kind, R. (author), Van Swaaij, R.A.C.M.M. (author), Rubinelli, F.A. (author), Solntsev, S. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
The performance of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) p-i-n solar cells is limited, as they contain a relatively high concentration of defects. The dark current voltage (JV) characteristics at low forward voltages of these devices are dominated by recombination processes. The recombination rate depends on the concentration of active...
journal article 2011
De Boer, R.W.I. (author), Stassen, A.F. (author), Craciun, M.F. (author), Mulder, C.L. (author), Molinari, A. (author), Rogge, S. (author), Morpurgo, A.F. (author)
We report the observation of ambipolar transport in field-effect transistors fabricated on single crystals of copper- and iron-phthalocyanine, using gold as a high work-function metal for the fabrication of source and drain electrodes. In these devices, the room-temperature mobility of holes reaches 0.3?cm2/V?s in both materials. The highest...
journal article 2005
Stassen, A.F. (author), De Boer, R.W.I. (author), Iosad, N.N. (author), Morpurgo, A.F. (author)
We have performed a comparative study of rubrene single-crystal field-effect transistors fabricated using different materials as gate insulator. For all materials, highly reproducible device characteristics are obtained. The achieved reproducibility permits one to observe that the mobility of the charge carriers systematically decreases with...
journal article 2004