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Kwon, M. (author), Mlecnik, E. (author), Nurali, L. (author), de Snoo, M. (author)
Local authorities engaged in the Interreg 2 Seas project Triple-A aim to achieve an acceleration of the market in the owner-occupied single-family home renovation sector by increasing awareness of – and enabling access to – energy-saving technologies. This report describes local authorities' experiences of developing and using pop-up consultancy...
report 2021
Kwon, M. (author), Mlecnik, E. (author)
Web portals have the potential to promote sustainable environmental ideas due to the capacity of digital media, such as easy accessibility, openness, and networking. Local authorities (LAs) are responsible for activating carbon savings in homes, and they are key actors when it comes to providing neutral information to their citizens. Local...
journal article 2021