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Wu, H. (author), Qian, QK (author), Visscher, H.J. (author), Straub, A. (author)
Sustainable development has been the focus of all major industries in the world, especially in the construction industry. As one of the sustainable construction modes, housing industrialization (HI) is now absorbing a growing number of attentions that lead the industry to go green. However, the implementation of HI in China is far from...
conference paper 2017
Zairul, M.N. (author)
Young people are currently facing a considerable risk when it comes to increasing house prices and interest rates as a substantial portion of their monthly income. This is due to the fact that they now have a responsibility in making monthly repayments of their housing loans. The current housing market in any part of the world does not allow the...
conference paper 2015
Lennartz, C. (author), Haffner, M.E.A. (author), Oxley, M.J. (author)
When policy makers claim that rented housing has to become more competitive, there is no consensus on what competition in this context actually means. The same holds true for scientific housing research: Theories that have utilized the economic concept of competition tend to rely on implicit definitions or focus on selected aspects. In...
conference paper 2009