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Avaei, S. (author), van der Spaa, L.F. (author), Peternel, L. (author), Kober, J. (author)
Humans often demonstrate diverse behaviors due to their personal preferences, for instance, related to their individual execution style or personal margin for safety. In this paper, we consider the problem of integrating both path and velocity preferences into trajectory planning for robotic manipulators. We first learn reward functions that...
journal article 2023
van Heukelum, Harold (author)
Why do engineers often design what people don't want? And why do people often want solutions that are not feasible? This is because the current design and decision support optimisation methodologies are one-sided and ignore or fail to capture the dynamic interaction between people's preferences (desirability) and technical assets' performance ...
master thesis 2022
Strafforello, O. (author), Rajasekart, Vanathi (author), Kayhan, O.S. (author), Inel, O. (author), van Gemert, J.C. (author)
The localization quality of automatic object detectors is typically evaluated by the Intersection over Union (IoU) score. In this work, we show that humans have a different view on localization quality. To evaluate this, we conduct a survey with more than 70 participants. Results show that for localization errors with the exact same IoU score,...
conference paper 2022