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Steinebach, Koen (author)
In proton therapy, robust treatment planning is currently used to account for uncertainties in patient alignment and proton beam range. A way to overcome the limitations of robust treatment planning is to use probabilistic treatment planning, which can be computationally expensive due to the calculations of statistical measures of stochastic...
master thesis 2020
Salverda, Jelle (author)
Radiotherapy is an important treatment type for patients with cancer. An advantage of state of the art proton therapy with respect to traditional photon therapy is the spatial energy deposition of protons, which is characterized by the Bragg peak. Due to this particular course of energy deposition, the tumor can be irradiated more precisely and...
master thesis 2019
van Furth, G. (author)
When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, a number of treatments is possible. About half of these patients is treated with radiotherapy. This is a multi-disciplinary field of research, where mathematics, physics and medicine come together. In this thesis the focus will lie on prostate cancer. One of the main problems with this type of cancer is...
bachelor thesis 2016