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van Dijke, Laura (author)
The Arctic is warming more rapidly than other latitudes, which can result in the release of additional greenhouse gasses, global sea level rise and increase in extreme weather events. Additionally, this causes the rapid decline of sea ice and an ice free Arctic might occur during the summer in the 2040s. The decreasing sea...
master thesis 2022
Besseling, Floris (author), Lengkeek, H.J. (author), de Waard, Huig (author), Nieuwenhuis, Kees (author)
The Afsluitdijk is one of the Dutch Delta programme landmarks. Afsluitdijk is a 32 km long primary flood defense, separating lake IJsselmeer from the Wadden Sea and protecting large areas of the Netherlands against flooding. Over the period spanning 2018 - 2022 the levee will be upgraded by the consortium Levvel (BAM, Van Oord and Rebel). Ice...
conference paper 2019