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Karykis, G. (author)
This thesis discusses the d es ign and verification of a high-resolution self-timed incremental ?? ADC. The first self-timed incremental ?? ADC was presented by C.Chen at ISSCC 2013 and this work targets to improve the resolution, linearity and energy-efficiency of a self-timed ADC. Unlike conventional ?? ADCs, a self -timed ADC is capable...
master thesis 2015
Rajendran, L. (author)
This thesis presents an incremental ?? capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) that serves as an interface circuit for a MEMS-based pressure sensor. The thesis presents a systematic analysis of the CDC and compares different CDC architectures. A novel non-linear CDC is also proposed and analysed. Energy-efficiency of the CDC is improved by...
master thesis 2013
Chae, Y. (author), Souri, K. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author)
A 20-bit incremental ADC for battery-powered sensor applications is presented. It is based on an energy-efficient zoom ADC architecture, which employs a coarse 6-bit SAR conversion followed by a fine 15-bit ΔΣ conversion. To further improve its energy efficiency, the ADC employs integrators based on cascoded dynamic inverters for extra gain and...
journal article 2013