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Norbruis, J.W. (author)
master thesis 2014
Kasmire, J. (author), Korhonen, J.M. (author), Nikolic, I. (author)
Radical innovations prompt significant subsequent technological development and exhibit novelty and “architectural” innovation, i.e. rearranging the way design elements are put together in a system. Thus, radical innovations often serve as the foundation for new technological systems, industries or domains and are seen to involve significant...
journal article 2012
Vroom, R.W. (author), Horvath, I. (author), Rusak, Z. (author), De Smit, A. (author), Opiyo, E.Z. (author)
Ubiquitous computing is computing power that is integrated in devices and environments in such a way that they offer optimal support to human daily life activities. For industrial design engineering students, applying ubiquitous technologies offer a great opportunity and challenge for innovating everyday products. To teach the students about...
conference paper 2012