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Kooij, Robert (author)
From the desire to reduce the impact of traveling on the environment and the increase in fuel prices over the past years, the propeller has regained interest as a propulsion mechanism in the aviation industry. Two main reasons can be found in their high propulsive efficiency and ability to combine with electric motors. The scaling of the motors...
master thesis 2023
Windels, E.R.G. (author)
A research simulation model was created to perform extended research into formation flight dynamic behaviour. The principle of aircraft flying in formation is to lower the induced drag and fuel flow. A trail aircraft that flies within the wake vortex field of a lead aircraft encounters an increased effective angle of attack, reducing the induced...
master thesis 2015
Graf, K. (author), Hoeve, A.V. (author), Watin, S. (author)
journal article 2014