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Meij, Tessa (author)
Housing is a topic that concerns everyone, but the attention for housing has grown in the last years. There is an enormous urge for sufficient and affordable housing in a world where we cannot ignore globalisation. The market is looking for a way to answer this demand for affordable housing. Industrial housing is one of the answers. <br/><br/...
master thesis 2021
Zairul, M.N. (author)
Young people are currently facing a considerable risk when it comes to increasing house prices and interest rates as a substantial portion of their monthly income. This is due to the fact that they now have a responsibility in making monthly repayments of their housing loans. The current housing market in any part of the world does not allow the...
conference paper 2015
Kimoto, K. (author), Matsumura, S. (author), Kawasaki, A. (author), Yoshizaki, Y. (author)
The objective of this research is to analyze the function and effects of resource recycle facility in a Japanese industrialized detached house manufacturer. First, this paper analyzes the actual condition of waste disposal before the establishment of resource recycle facility. Secondly, this describes the logistics of the facility, and surveys...
conference paper 2011