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Langeveld, J.G. (author), van Daal-Rombouts, P.M.M. (author), Schilperoort, Remy (author), Nopens, Ingmar (author), Flameling, Tony (author), Weijers, Stefan (author)
Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) typically have a service life of several decades. During this service life, external factors, such as changes in the effluent standards or the loading of the WWTP may change, requiring WWTP performance to be optimized. WWTP modelling is widely accepted as a means to assess and optimize WWTP performance. One of...
journal article 2017
Langeveld, J.G. (author), Schilperoort, R.P.S. (author), Rombouts, P.M.M. (author), Benedetti, L. (author), Amerlinck, Y. (author), de Jonge, J. (author), Flameling, T. (author), Nopens, I. (author), Weijers, S. (author)
Modelling of the integrated urban water system is a powerful tool to optimise wastewater system performance or to find cost-effective solutions for receiving water problems. One of the challenges of integrated modelling is the prediction of water quality at the inlet of a WWTP. Recent applications of water quality sensors have resulted in the...
conference paper 2014