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Santema, Mare (author)
Redevelopment of inner-city areas is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders, extensive timelines, and a variety of governance structures and financial mechanisms. The public party is primarily responsible for the quality of public space in the Netherlands. However, the municipalities face increasing financial challenges while private...
master thesis 2022
Crijns, Freya (author)
The world is urbanising rapidly, with the Global South as the part of the world with the most rapid urbanisation. The urban population of Ethiopia is predicted to nearly triple in 25 years. The swiftness of urbanisation is resulting in extreme challenges. It causes, reinforced by climate change, that Addis Ababa is increasingly affected by...
master thesis 2021
Paoletti, A. (author)
Ethiopia is both one of the fastest-growing economies and one of the poorest countries in the world. As its population grows exorbitantly, waves of migrants are flowing endlessly into the capital city. Such a fast pace of development brings about a hallucinated future constituted by processes driven by economic and political forces pursuing...
master thesis 2020