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Li, Shenyang (author)
This thesis describes the design of a 3rd order 1-bit delta-sigma modulator whose input-signal range (0 to 1.95V) exceeds its supply voltage (1.2V). By using a passive input stage and a single-OTA resonator, this beyond-the-rails modulator realizes a 3rd order loop filter with only two amplifiers instead of the usual three and thus achieves...
master thesis 2023
Pecanins Martínez, Victor (author)
Several techniques have been proposed to reduce the swing at the input stage of a CTDSM. One of these is using a simple passive RC input stage. In prior works, this increased in-band quantization noise. In this paper, we use positive feedback to realize complex-conjugate poles with a passive input stage, obtaining the same noise-shaping as an...
master thesis 2022