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Van Brummelen, E.H. (author)
The subiteration method which forms the basic iterative procedure for solving fluid structure-interaction problems is based on a partitioning of the fluid-structure system into a fluidic part and a structural part. In fluid-structure interaction, on short time scales the fluid appears as an added mass to the structural operator, and the...
report 2009
Van Brummelen, E.H. (author), Van der Zee, K.G. (author), De Borst, R. (author)
The basic iterative method for solving fluid-structure-interaction problems is a defect-correction process based on a partitioning of the underlying operator into a fluid part and a structural part. In the present work we establish for a prototypical model problem that this defect-correction process yields an excellent smoother for multigrid, on...
report 2006
Van Brummelen, E.H. (author), Michler, C. (author), De Borst, R. (author)
Subiteration forms the basic iterative method for solving the aggregated equations in fluid-structure-interaction problems, in which the fluid and structure equations are solved alternately subject to complementary partitions of the interface conditions. However, this subiteration process can be defective or inadequate, as it is endowed with...
report 2005